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Ideal Vending & Coffee Service

How We Got Here...
Some Memories Along The Way!

Born In Brooklyn


We originally started out as a product vending, amusement and coffee company.


Our First Move

We moved into this 800 sq ft garage/warehouse from a small storage room we rented from a local business. This building was built by our grandfather to house his coal delivery trucks. In front of this building is a residential house where my father was born on the kitchen table. It still stands today.


Our First Van

A low budget forced us to find an inexpensive van. We found this one at a Philadelphia Police Dept auction. This van was previously used to transport prisoners.

Our First Yellow Page Ad


Remember the Yellow Pages?!

One of Our First Employees


He might look familiar to you. Joe V, who is know to always have a smile on his face, was recently a contestant on the game show Deal or no Deal.

Early Vending Machines


Snack and soda machine located in the Dept of Immigration prison (Manhattan).

Our Second Yellow Page Ad


The yellow page ad tweaked slightly to fit our budget.

Our First Full-Time Employee


Our first full time employee that came to us from a competitor. We are still friends with him.

Family Moments


Top Frame Picture: Extremely proud moment – Hank with his father (he was born on the kitchen table in the house in front of where this picture was taken).

Bottom Frame Picture: Dad with our Doberman pincher Remo.

Original Candy Machines


This is what candy machines looked like before the glassfront machines of today. Accepted coins only.

The Debut of Glass-Front Machines


Coffee vending machine to the left and first generation of glass front snack machines in the center.

Expansion Into Coffee Service


Our first coffee yellow page ad.

Our First Printed Menu


Our first menu that was used primarily for Deli's and bagel stores.

The Daily Fax


First generation of our sales sheet which we manually faxed to anyone and everyone all day long – 5 days a week.

Our First Big Client


North General Hospital In Harlem. The hospital no longer exists.

Modern Equipment


Vending machines have a come a long way. From accepting coins only to accepting coins, cash, credit cards, debit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Our Family!!


We are dedicated to helping you refresh your business with variety, service and attentiont to detail.