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Bottled Water

Keep your team happy and hydrated with bottled water! Enjoy great tasting bottled water delivered to your office. We'll help you find the water delivery option that will perfectly meet your office's needs.

Bottled Spring Water Coolers

Keep your office hydrated with cold, refreshing drinking water. Coolers provide what other water dispensers, like your tap, can't: access to pure water without additives. Having a cooler in your office allows you drink fresh spring water that tastes like you're bringing a spring right into your breakroom. Aside from the amazing taste, this is also the healthiest water you can drink, naturally alkaline and free of pollutants.

One of the best things about bottled water coolers is that they don't require any plumbing. Not only does this make for an easy installation, but it also means you won't run the risk of exposing yourself to potential contaminants in your location's plumbing system. Bottled water coolers are portable. If you ever decide to move your water cooler, you won’t have to worry about a complicated install process either - all you have to do is plug it in!

Your employees can enjoy the health benefits of drinking water - when water is more accessible and easy to drink, we are likely to drink more of it. Wherever you place your cooler, you can easily fill yourself a glass of water, or fill your re-usable bottle. And if all that weren't enough, bottled water coolers are good for the environment too. The number one benefit of water coolers is that they reduce the need for disposable plastic single use bottles. In its lifetime, a refilled 5 gallon bottle removes thousands of single use bottles from curbside pick-up and the environment.

  • Bottled spring water direct from our pure mountain source in PA
  • Patented spill-proof technology; no spillage when loading bottles
  • Advanced filtration filters to ensure your water is safe & pure
  • Standalone units allow you to move and transport coolers
  • Space-saving design uses minimal floor space
  • Hot, cold and ambient tap options
  • Wide variety of countertop and freestanding models available (3 and 5-Gallon models)
Fox Ledge Spring Water

Fox Ledge Spring Water is our flagship brand, originating in the Northern Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania. It may seem unusual to consider geological layers as a water filter, but rain water seeps into the quartz sand, gravel, and rocks, acting as a natural filter. No bottled spring water in New Jersey or New York is cleaner or better tasting than Fox Ledge Spring Water, thanks to a rigorous filtration procedure prior to bottling. The flavor of pure, cold spring water is unparalleled; and with Ideal, you can count on exceptional customer service and prompt, dependable bottled spring water delivery!

About the name: It was in one of his books, "The Barking of the Lonely Fox", that Guido D'Agostino immortalized "Fox Ledge", as the land around the natural spring in Northern Wayne County Pennsylvania later became known. hat was back in 1942, but the land and the spring have remained unchanged. It was two generations later when his great-nephew, who had the foresight to utilize the treasure that bubbled from that spring, made it marketable. Creating a spring water company from a pure natural spring proved to be the biggest challenge in years that lay ahead. Due to Guido and Helen D'Agostino, a legacy was given to the family and almost a decade later, an industry was created for all the public to enjoy.

Fox Ledge Spring Water
Notable Facts
  • Bottled on site, at the source, since 1994
  • We ONLY bottle pure natural spring water, NEVER tap water
  • All of our water is microfiltered and ozonated for purification
  • Our water quality exceeds industry requirements
Mountainwood Springs Spring Water

It was 45 years ago when Bill Egan sold the first tanker of Mountainwood Spring Water to a dairy in Pennsylvania. Watching the tanker pull away, he could never have imagined he'd still be quenching customer thirst some 45 years later.

Located in the foothills of the Kittatinny Mountains, Mountainwood Spring Water Company has been family owned and operated for over 40 years, since 1978!

Our spring is located on 72 acres of protected and mostly untouched land. Our water is bottled on this property which means the water in your bottle was probably filled minutes after it naturally flowed to the surface.

Naturally filtered through limestone found deep below the the Earth's surface. Mother Nature does most of the work for us, removing any impurities and imparting a distinctive taste and quality that we feel is as good as any water in the world.

It doesn't get more natural than that, and is why we feel our water truly is the Taste of Nature.

Mountainwood Springs Spring Water
Notable Facts
  • Bottled on site, at the source, since 1978
  • We ONLY bottle pure natural spring water, NEVER tap water
  • Trace amounts of calcium and magnesium in perfect balance, combined with a pH of 8.0; Our water is great because nature makes it that way
  • Our water quality exceeds industry requirements
Pure Tasting Water - No Plumbing Required!

Whether its Nestle, Crystal Geyser, La Croix, Aquafina or another brand, we can ensure that you find the water option that will perfectly meet your office's needs. We make getting delicious, clean, healthy water to your employees easy!

Did you know that offering purified water in your office can help attract and retain quality employees? Or impress clients and visitors to your office?

It's Healthy! Sugary beverages are being avoided by more people. When they seek refreshment, they're turning to the original no calorie drink – water!

  • Nestle® Pure Life Water
  • Crystal Geyser® Spring Water
  • La Croix® Flavored Sparkling Water
  • Aquafina®
  • Dasani®
  • Perrier®