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NJ NY Filtered Water Coolers

Bottleless Water Filtration Systems

Ideal Vending & Coffee Service features water filtration countertop coolers, floor coolers, and even coolers with ice makers. With a low monthly fee and free filter changes, this is an excellent cost-effective solution to deliver clean, filtered drinking water to your employees.

Premium, Clean-tasting Water Without The Transportation And Storage Issues Associated With 5 Gallon Coolers

At Ideal Vending & Coffee Service, we are happy to provide cutting-edge plumb-in water filtration devices in counter-top and floor variants. With our cutting-edge water filtration technology, you can rid your drinking water of chlorine, lead, and microbiological contaminants. Water filtration removes contaminants that alter the taste of your water and all water-based beverages. These water filtration machines dispense both ambient and cold water, are environmentally friendly, and will allow you to provide employees/guests with clean, refreshing water at the lowest cost per serving.

Our bottleless water filtration machines are available in a number of sizes to accommodate any breakroom space. Choose from a variety of floor or countertop versions.

Bottleless POU Coolers

Modern floor and counter-top plumb-in water filtration systems are proudly available from Ideal. Use our top-notch water filtration equipment to remove germs, lead, and chlorine from your drinking water. With these water filtration systems, you can provide clean, refreshing water to staff members and visitors at the lowest cost per serving. They are environmentally friendly and can distribute both ambient and cold water.

You'll have quick access to an endless supply of delicious water once your chosen water filter dispenser is installed. Every six months, we'll come back to replace the filter, ensuring that the water you drink continues to be free of impurities. In the meanwhile, we can send monthly shipments of the cups and other beverage-related supplies you might require to fully enjoy your new water cooler.

Our Point of Use (POU) bottleless water coolers feature No Touch Dispense, ceramic water dispensers, water filters, reverse osmosis filtration, UF filtration and UV sanitization are among some options available. Coolers are Water Quality Association (WQA) certified safe, and filters are NSF certified, giving you peace of mind about the safety of your water.

Bottleless POU Coolers
  • Countertop & Floor Models
  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Stainless Steel Reservoirs
  • In-Tank UV Sanitization Available
  • Hot/Cold or Cook/Cold
  • No Touch® Dispense