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New Jersey New York Office Water Coolers

Ideal Water Options

Bottleless Water Coolers, Bottled Water Coolers, Locally Sourced Spring Water

Choose What Fits Your Environment Best

Ideal offers office water solutions that allow you to enjoy pure water the way it was intended.

What other component, outside high-quality coffee beans, makes your favorite cup of joe so special? Water that tastes great, of course! It not only improves the flavor of your coffee but also the way your body works. Whether you're an office of 25 or 250, we'll work together to find the best water solution for you. Ideal offers custom solutions to bring fresher, better-tasting water to your workplace, environmentally friendly, and feature-rich water purification systems and bottle-less water coolers.

Clean, Delicious Water Without Heavy Bottles

Bottleless Water Filtration Coolers
NY NJ Bottleless Water Filtration Coolers

Ideal Vending & Coffee Service features water filtration countertop coolers, floor coolers, and even coolers with ice makers. With a low monthly fee and free filter changes, this is an excellent cost-effective solution to deliver clean, filtered drinking water to your employees.

  • Countertop & Floor (Free-Standing) Models
  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Stainless Steel Reservoirs
  • In-Tank UV Sanitization Available
  • Hot/Cold or Cook/Cold
  • No Touch® Dispense

A Practical, Low-Maintenance Method To Enjoy Water

Bottled Spring Water Coolers
NY NJ Bottled Spring Water Coolers

Keep your team happy and hydrated with bottled water! Enjoy great tasting bottled water delivered to your office. We'll help you find the water delivery option that will perfectly meet your office's needs.

  • Bottled spring water direct from our pure mountain sources in PA and NJ
  • Patented spill-proof technology; no spillage when loading bottles
  • Standalone units allow you to move and transport coolers
  • Space-saving design uses minimal floor space
  • Hot, cold and ambient tap options
  • Wide variety of countertop and freestanding models available (3 and 5-Gallon models)