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Single Serve Brewing Systems

Due To Its Ease Of Use And Variety, This Beloved Office Brewer Quickly Amassed Raving Fans.

Superior Hot Beverages with Minimal Hassle

Do you have coffee drinkers with specific tastes in your group? Single-cup coffee makers are suitable for organizations of all sizes, but especially for those where everyone like to choose their own favorite blend. Users can choose their beans and roast and finally walk away with a tailored cup of Joe, brewing up to a 16-ounce cup of coffee in under a minute and avoiding coffee waste by letting you brew exactly the quantity you need.

We carry single-serve coffee makers from Keurig®, Flavia® and more, using either cups or pods. Each single-cup coffee maker can be hooked up to existing water lines to allow for continuous service with no refilling. Our selection includes the newest technologies and modern designs to fit the style of any location.

Convenience, Ease And Dependability, One Cup At A Time.

Due to convenience, quickness, and variety, Keurig® has become one of the most powerful brands in the brewing industry. Ideal Vending & Coffee Service, as a Keurig® Authorized Brewer, supplies a wide range of brewers for offices of all sizes. Our coffee experts will assist you in selecting the best Keurig® single serve brewing equipment for your company.

For fewer users who still desire variety, the K400™, K155 OfficePRO™ and the Keurig® K-Suite Premium Hospitality brewer are excellent choices. For larger offices who want even more options, the K3500™ or K2500™ single-serve machine is the ultimate choice. For a brand you can trust and rely on to serve delicious coffee every time, choose Keurig®.

  • Delivers freshly brewed coffee, tea, and hot cocoa in about a minute
  • Direct plumbing for continual brewing
  • Models can brew up to 5 cup sizes (4,6,8,10 and 12 oz.)
  • Virtually no clean up and no water left in the brewer between uses along with easy-to-clean surfaces
Blending Stylish Design With Enhanced Drink Options.

The first single-serve machine to provide coffee, tea, and milk-based espresso drinks at the press of a button - Flavia has been a pioneer in the single-service coffee world. Flavia commercial brewers have a stylish, compact design that is ideal for offices. Unlike Keurig brewers, you may produce speciality drinks such as cappuccinos and espresso. A Flavia brewer may be the ideal solution for your office if you want the ease of a single cup with the elegance of a speciality drink.

  • 14 types of hot and cold beverages, including coffees, teas, lattes, infused waters, and more
  • Technology that eliminates cross-contamination between different kinds of drinks
  • Enhanced LCD menu display for a more intuitive brewing experience
  • Portable and flexible, with pour-over and plumbed-in options for easy office placement