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New Jersey Self Checkout Breakrooms

Avanti Markets

Looking for healthy self-service food and beverages for your employees, customers or guests? You have come to the right place. When it comes to providing quality refreshments, more companies, hotels, transportation centers, multi-tenant buildings, college campuses and medical centers are switching to Avanti Markets. Join the micro market revolution today!

Fresh Food Micro Markets are the Ultimate Company Break Room

Micro markets are the easy way for businesses to provide hundreds of food and drink options onsite to feed employees, customers and guests.

These self-checkout mini convenience stores offer contactless transactions and are free for locations to setup. All you need to get a micro market is wall space, electricity and internet connection.

Avanti Self Checkout Breakroom
A New Way To Shop

Unlike traditional vending machines where you put in a few dollar bills and select a bag of chips, granola bar, or a soda, a micro market is a fully automated mini-convenience store in your break room! There are refrigerator and freezer coolers for fresh and frozen meals and snacks and traditional shelves for shelf-stable options, too. Not only are there tons of options for your employees to choose from, because there are open shelves, your employees can read the nutrition labels and make a sensible option before they buy.

Variety To Satisfy Any Craving
  • Fresh healthy foods; salads, veggies, sandwiches, snacks
  • Frozen meals and ice cream treats
  • Energy drinks, juices, sodas, teas, sports drinks
  • Bean-to-cup fresh coffee brewers
  • Nuts, chips, energy bars, cookies and treats

Behind the easy market experience is an array of technologies engineered into powerful unattended retail market solutions, paired with the most robust market operating platform, the Avanti Market System (AMS).

NYC Self Checkout Breakrooms

Kiosks Work Great In
  • Workplace Break Rooms
  • Hotel Food Service
  • College Campus Dining
  • Hospitals and Medical Buildings
Quick Pay

At the heart of every Avanti micro market is a self-service kiosk. Cutting edge technology that enables employees to pay for purchases - an Avanti Market Card with stored value, credit or debit cards, fingerprint, mobile wallets, or even payroll deduction.

All Avanti Markets are equipped with a 24-hour, 7 days a week security system. The security system works "in sync" with the kiosk to monitor the market.

Avanti Markets Mobile App
  • Manage your Avanti Market account away from the kiosk
  • Touchless payments, no need to pull out your cards or cash
  • Check your account balance and view your purchase history
  • Load funds to your Market Card account
  • View available promotions at your market
Safe Touchless Transactions

Easy to navigate touch screen kiosks allow employees to scan items and choose payment for an intuitive and easy checkout process. Markets have secure video surveillance systems with convenient and easy payment options including cash, credit card, market cards or Apple Pay.



Scan accout barcode using market card or mobile app.



Tap using Mobile Pay-capable device or payment card.



Insert or Swipe any major credit or debit card.

Better Food Quality

While your break room micro market is 100 percent customizable, there's an incredible array of healthy foods available for your employees to enjoy. Now, instead of only having candy or chips to choose from, there are full meals and healthy snacks, along with the classic favorites. Many of our customers offer:

  • Fresh salads and sandwiches
  • Fresh fruit, fruit cups and sliced veggie cups
  • Yogurt
  • Frozen meals, including Healthy Choice©
  • Protein bars
  • Packs of almonds, sunflower seeds, and trail mix
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Even medicine and sundries (like packets of ibuprofen or lip balm)

The open market concept gives customers the options to choose from a wide variety of products and drinks.

Micro Market Healthy Food Variety
See It In Action

Transform your corporate office breakroom with Avanti Markets - see how!


An Avanti Market is a self-serving market that provides fresh, healthy food choices in addition to beverages and a wide variety of snack items. Depending on the size of your company or business and the usage, the market could be serviced one to five times in a week. These micro markets are widely accepted by a variety of companies, schools, warehouses and healthcare agencies. We are able to cater the markets to best fit each client's needs.

At the Avanti Market, there are an assortment of fresh foods such as: salads, wraps, subs, sandwiches, parfaits, and more! In addition to the fresh food options, we carry other items such as hot pockets, breakfast sandwiches, cheese sticks, muffins and a variety of cold snacks. This all is alongside an assortment of over 150 snack items that you would find in a traditional vending machine such as snacks and candy. This open market concept gives customers the options to choose from a wide variety of products and drinks.

(1) Register your Avanti Card by putting your name and email into the kiosk to activate your card.

(2) Preload your card with either Cash or Credit/Debit card.

(3) Choose your food/drink item and scan it in the scanner, then scan your market card and GO!

Most companies do not have the option to have a cafeteria in their office but adding a micro market will not only enhance the morale in the workplace but increase productivity. Having this market will allow your employees the ease of access to a wide variety of healthy food options while remaining in the office and able to get back to work quickly.

With our open shelving, you may be concerned about having to use the honor system with your employees. While generally everyone does the right thing, in order to prevent lost items, we include a discreet, effective security camera to keep an eye on your micro market vending area.

Your Market. Your Needs. Your Layout.

Browse ACTUAL full-convenience markets installed by Ideal, and as always, these layouts can be customized to fit your location's needs.